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June 16, 2021

General Liability Insurance Claims Rise in Spring: Keep Your Business Safe

Spring is a time of change. Your business is working on new promotions and driving sales. You will see more customers come in the door. You also may start on new projects or events.  

When it comes to changing seasons, business risks change right alongside your actions. For that reason, it is important to make sure your general liability insurance is up to date. 
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What’s Happening That’s Increasing Your Risks? 

Every business owner needs to monitor the activities and the changes in risks on the job. Most companies face more than a handful of changes. 

  • Wet weather, for example, can increase the number of slips and falls that occur by those visiting the location. This may increase your insurance liability risks. 

  • Employing more people to handle tasks outdoors during the spring, such as cleanup or maintenance, increase the risks of employee injuries. 

  • New projects can drive some organizations to add jobs, expanding the amount of liability. 

  • You have more customers coming in the door – meaning more opportunity for risk. 

  • New equipment or vehicles can cause changes to your risk profile. 


Take a look at any changes occurring within your organization right now. Is there evidence that your company’s risks have changed? 

Do You Need More Business Insurance? 

Examining the amount of general liability insurance you need is something you should do on a quarterly basis at least. Any time there are changes in the way you operate, it is important to determine if: 

  • The new tasks or risks have coverage under your existing business insurance 

  • If the coverage you have excludes any of these types of change 

  • If the amount of general liability insurance you have is high enough to cover all involved risks 

You do not have to make these decisions on your own. Instead, work with your business insurance agent to gather more information and data about the risks. What steps should you take to reduce the risk of negligence? How can you avoid claims against your company, or in general, avoid the risks you have? Your agent can guide you to answering these key questions and many others. Taken each quarter, these steps can help you minimize risks with general liability insurance. 

We have your general liability insurance needs in mind. Call Crossland Coverage now at (915)584-5480 or (915)629-0274 for a fast, free quote on an affordable policy.  

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