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January 9, 2023

Tips for RV Camping in the Winter

Are you about to set up camp in your RV for the duration of winter? A little snow and ice may provide just the right challenge for your adventurous spirit. But it is important to properly prepare for such an endeavor before the weather gets too bad. Follow these tips to make your RV a more hospitable home this season. RV on the road

  • When using a catalytic heater, ensure that there’s a source of ventilation to let the carbon monoxide escape. If you prefer electric space heaters, remember to run them under supervision and to place them at least three feet away from combustibles like bedding. 
  • It’s essential to insulate the underside of your vehicle during winter’s worst. This can be done by building an insulation frame underneath the RV, or by hanging a heavy-duty skirt and filling the cavity with fiberglass batting. You may also wish to leave a heat lamp (avoid the use of space heaters because of fire risk) under the holding tanks. 
  • Remove interior fixtures and pack in some insulation. Additionally, put up foam insulation board or insulated blankets over windows, doors and vents. Tape up seams along doors and windows. 
  • Wrap your pipes and hoses with heat tape or another form of insulation to prevent freezing. This includes the inlet to the vehicle and exterior water faucet. You can waterproof your insulation using plastic wrap and/or plastic tape. 
  • If you’re using your holding tanks instead of city water, winterize the tanks with the proper antifreeze. Keep the valves closed until you’re ready to dump because if constantly allowed to drain, an ice dam can form in your sewer hose. 
  • As an extra precaution, keep a few gallons of freshwater in containers inside your RV to use in case your waterlines freeze. 

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